Fun Fold Gift Bags Tutorial

Would you like to learn how to make a super cute gift bag with just a few fun folds?

Would you like step-by-step directions in a video so you can follow along, stop and rewind as much as needed?

Would you like to see variations of this project including a Purse option perfect for holding a gift of handmade cards?

If you answered yes, then my “Fun Fold Gift Bags” Tutorial will help you create these cute gift bags pefect for small gifts, treats and gift cards!

This tutorial is valued at $14.95 but you can purchase it for a ONE-TIME only, super low price of $4.95!

Why is the one-time price so low?  I want to introduce you to the types of tutorials that I’ll be offering for sale.  This is an opportunity for you to see if you like the way I teach projects and techniques in a video format.


Here’s a sneak peek of the projects you will learn how to create:

fun fold gift bags

There are 4 different videos:

1) Overview of the three gift bags and different ways you can close them

2) Basic directions on how to score and fold the gift bag

3) Start-to-finish directions on how to create the Christmas gift bag

4) Bonus project showing how to convert the gift bag to a gift purse large enough to hold several cards (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) with envelopes


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