Christmas Cards from stamping friends :-)

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My youngest son is home from college and our family is off to see a movie soon but I wanted to share some of the beautiful cards I’ve received from my stamping friends:


xmas card beth ann

From Beth Ann (the snowflake can be removed to hang on our tree too 🙂


xmas card chris f

From Chris


xmas card cindy t

From Cindy


xmas card Cindy

From Cindy


xmas card Daylene

From Daylene

xmas card doris

From Doris


xmas card frances

From Frances


xmas card jo anne

From Jo Anne


xmas card judy h

From Judy


xmas card Juliette

From Juliette


xmas card karine

From Karine


xmas card katie d

From Katie


xmas card kim m

From Katie


xmas card marilyn carolyn

From Marilyn and Carolyn


xmas card michele

From Michele


xmas card pam

From Pam


Hope you are enjoying your day!

1 Comment

  1. such beautiful cards. . .all of them. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

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