File Folder Card directions

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Remember those cute file folder cards created with the Envelope Punch Board I posted earlier at  Here’s the step-by-step directions:

file folder 1a


file folder 2a


At this point, you can trim about 3/8″ off the right side of the front of card to have a lower file tab like the samples at  I left it untrimmed to show you another variation 🙂


file folder 3a


file folder 4a


file folder 5a


file folder 6a


Make sure you only rotate the card, do not flip it over.  You want the plain white cardstock to be on top, patterned paper stays underneath.  You want to make sure you’re creating a tab opposite from the first one.


file folder 7a


file folder 8a


file folder 9a


(ignore the dotted lines I drew indicating where to cut the excess cardstock – that wasn’t necessary!)


file folder 10a


file folder 11a


I left the tabs for this File Folder card the same height.  Remember if you want the top tab to be lower, simply trim off about 3/8″ before creating the notches with the Envelope Punch Board.  Your File Folder card can also open the traditional way, right side to left, but I think it’s fun to have them open from the top down.

I’ll post the finished version of this File Folder card tomorrow 🙂






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