Curled Paper Wreath Tutorial

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Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for the curled paper wreaths shown in an earlier post at  I made a Christmas one using the “Winter Frost” Designer Series Paper similar to the Halloween one:

Curled Paper Wreaths

Curled Paper Wreaths (warning: highly addictive, impossible to make just one!)


1.  Choose a wreath:

wreath 7a

I chose a 12″ white styrofoam wreath.  My “Winter Frost” designer series paper has white in it so if some of the wreath shows through, it’s OK.  My friend Cali used a straw wreath for her Halloween one and I will use a green one when I create one using the Season of Style Designer Series Paper for a class next month.


2.  Cut your paper (6 12″ x 12″ sheets) into 1″ x 12″ strips for a total of 72 strips

I used slightly more than 1/2 pack of the designer series papers as I tend to have “tight” curls but my friend Cali only used 1/3 of a pack so I think it you’re careful you can get two wreaths from each pack of Stampin’ Up!’s designer series papers.


3. Use your Bone folder to curl the paper from the middle out towards each end to create a double curl for each strip.

wreath 12a

wreath 14a  wreath 13a


4.  Sort your curls by pattern (this will make it easy to use the different papers more evenly across your wreath)

wreath 8a

Most of the “Winter Frost” designer series paper is double-sided (the two foil ones are single-sided) and I kept to one pattern for each paper except the middle bottom row.  I wanted to use some of the Smokey Slate color but not too much.


5.  Use a Hot Glue Gun to add the curls to the front and sides of the styrofoam wreath.  Leave a space to add ribbon before finishing completely.

wreath 6a


6.  Add your ribbon hanger.  I used about 30″ of the White Organza Ribbon and tied a knot at one end.  Working from the back, slip the ribbon under the wreath.

wreath 4a

Pull the knotted end through the loop at the other end and tighten.  the knot should be at the back of the wreath.

wreath 3a


7. Turn the wreath over and finish adding the rest of the curls.  Double check your wreath and tuck in additional curls where needed.  You might find some spots just need a 1/2 curl, especially around the inside and outside edges of your wreath.

wreath 2a


When you’re all finished, your completed wreath should look something like this:

wreath 16a

Isn’t it pretty?!  You can purchase the “Winter Frost” Designer Series Paper and other Stampin’ Up! products at my online store.  Just click the “Order Online” link in the sidebar to the right or email me at

I hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful and will have fun creating your own Curled Paper Wreath using some of Stampin’ Up!’s beautiful designer series papers!


  1. Si simple et si joli!…. Mille mercis pour le partage…
    Have a good sunday

    • Thank You!

  2. What a beautiful wreath! I enjoyed reading your tutorial and thank you for sharing…

    • Thank you Nina! They are a lot of fun to make 🙂

  3. It is so Prity and with sharing this tutorial you made it so easy thanks

    • Thank you Taby!

  4. This is a really nice tutorial! I like the suggestion to sort the pieces. Will be making several!

  5. Dear Brenda,
    I am a fellow SU! demonstrator from upstate New York. My name is Patricia Abi-Hassan. I recently made a curly DSP wreath, and think that it is just gorgeous. I ran a class but a couple of customers were not able to attend. I am also preparing for a crafts fair and would like to try preparing a couple of kits.
    I was wondering if you would consider sending me your instructions/tutorial for the wreath. Or allowing me to use what you have on your blog? Your directions and photographs are very good, even for a novice crafter, you are very thorough.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Hi Patricia! You are welcome to use the directions from my blog – I don’t believe I have any hand-outs for that project. Good luck with your craft fair 🙂

  6. Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful

  7. This took me back ages….. I remember making a smaller version of this with my children. They are in their 3o-ies now. sigh.

    • Hi Adrienne, these are very fun to make – hard to stop with just one 🙂

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