Birthday cards and flowers :-)

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Look at the beautiful cards and flowers I received on my birthday yesterday:
from Beth Ann Wilson πŸ™‚

from Chris Frazee πŸ™‚

from Kim Magazu πŸ™‚

from Linda Mullen πŸ™‚

from Marcia Bennett πŸ™‚

from Marylin Boro πŸ™‚

from Marilyn and Carolyn Rawlings πŸ™‚

from Frances Hale πŸ™‚

from my husband and boys πŸ™‚

from Roseann πŸ™‚

from Marilyn and Carolyn (front) and Shirley (back) πŸ™‚
Thank you guys for making my birthday special!
Brenda πŸ™‚

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