How to make a "lollie" for the wreath

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Here’s a brief explanation of how to make a “lollie” as seen in the Spice Cake wreath:

Take a cardstock strip (above is 1 1/2″ x 11″) and score every 1/2″

Make 2 of the strips and fold them back and forth to get the pleats (remember the fans we made in Elementary School?)

Glue the two strips together

Glue the ends together

Start to push the top towards the center

Keep pushing towards the center until it flattens

Keep holding this together until you get the scrap circle of cardstock with Hot Glue onto the center of the lollie

Be careful not to burn your fingers when you place the Hot Glue piece down on top of the center

This can be a little hot so be careful while holding the shape (push in toward the center) until the Hot Glue cools

and you’re done! 🙂

oh, almost forgot, add a blob of Hot Glue to the center on the front for good measure 🙂

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