Leadership Swaps

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Here are my swaps from Leadership (I’ll post other fun photos later 🙂 All the names will be listed left to right:

Monica Reynolds, No Name Given
Fran Trischetta, Nancy Juliano

Pat Brannin, Renee Piraino
Nancy Juliano, Ellie Blake

Deann Oliver, Joanna Jones
Cindy Sheets, No Name Given

(you can see more of Deann’s samples at http://www.stampwithdeann.blogspot.com/ and Cindy’s samples at http://www.inkstampcreate.blogspot.com/)

Amy Rogers, Joanna Jones
Missy Shipman, No Name Given

no name given, Faith Sauber
Pamela Staples, Pamela Staples
(You can see more of Pamela’s samples at http://www.sunnygirlscraps.com/ )

Cindy Sheets, Cynthia Ritzman
Cynthia Ritzman, Jeri Holm
(You can see more of Jeri’s samples at http://www.coloringourworld.blogspot.com/ and Cindy’s samples at http://www.inkstampcreate.blogspot.com/)

Ganna Blake, Jeri Holm
Sandy Haynes, Lisa Freeman
(You can view more of Lisa’s samples at http://www.stampingwithlisa.com/)

Robin Feicht, Selene Kempton
Leslie Bumgarner, Laura Fernsler (my apologies – Laura’s card is upside down! You’ll have to stand on your head for this one 🙂
(You can view more of Laura’s samples at http://www.mypaperantics.blogspot.com/ and more of Selene’s samples at http://www.stamp4fun.net/)
Christina Dungca-Lico, No Name Give (but I do remember she sat with us for dinner and had a wonderful Texas accent)

(sorry for the sideways view, can’t get it to flip! you’ll have to tilt your head on this one 🙂
Becky Evans, No Name Given
Jini Merck, Janet Munden

(You can see more of Becky’s samples at http://www.alwayshappystampin.blogspot.com/)
Sue Manlove, Fran Trischetta
Susy Miller, No Name Given

No Name Given, Lori Ribotti
Diane Carr, Diane Carr

Jean Goodman, Martha Armstrong
Charity Yingling, Susan Kauber

No Name Given, Tammy Shaia
Karen Titus, Sue, Manlove
(you can view more of Tammy’s samples at http://www.becreativestamping.com/)

Sally Davis, Beverly Jacobson
Linda Pugh, Ann Lohmeyer

Laura Robinson, Heidi Andrist
Sandra Grimes, Sharon Cheng
(you can view more of Sharon’s samples at http://www.sharoncheng.com/)

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