Bo loves the dogs!

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Bo is our white cat who has no fear of dogs and I think may even have a crush on Holly and Maggie:

Bo loves sleeping right next to the dogs.

Maggie didn’t want to go in her crate tonight and I unzipped it thinking maybe she’d had an “accident” in it and I needed to clean it up but instead, found Bo sleeping in Maggie’s bed inside the crate. We zip the dogs in their crates at night and a couple of mornings we found that Bo had spent the entire night with Maggie – I’m guessing they got along fine 🙂

I thought this one was cute how their heads were touching

It’s hard to see Holly since she blends right in with the Black sofa but aren’t they sweet?

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  1. Awwww..I can see him wanting the warmth….but afkkkkk…he probably smells like dog…lol

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