kitty pics

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I just uploaded a ton of pictures to my new laptop (thanks Santa!) and thought I’d post a few of our cats:

Bo sleeping on the back of the sofa – can you tell he’s a male cat?

If I’m in my office, he’s right there in the middle of whatever I need to be working on

Here he’s wedged in behind my ink pads and printer.

He also likes to stretch next to my husband when he does his morning stretches 🙂
“Muni” likes to sleep in the packing paper that comes in our Stampin’ Up! orders…

…and also on my cabinets behind the Big Shot 🙂

I have a box of a bunch of bags from past SU! events and they both like to sleep on them. Bo kind of invaded Muni’s space here but she’s trying to make the best of it 🙂

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