More birthday cards and flowers!

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Look at these paper flowers I received from Marcia Barrie – she didn’t know my birthday was coming up, she just brought them (along with chocolate chip cookies!) as a gift when she came to my camp this week 🙂 Aren’t they beautiful? I have to get the directions from her but I know she hand-trimmed every single flower petal!

Lookie what came in my mail today – a beautiful card created by Maxene Choi 🙂 I LOVE it! I especially like the black outline around the flowers 🙂

Lookie what Teresa Carstens left on my doorstep! I trimmed the flowers down to avoid any “knock overs” by Bo (my white cat 🙂 and love the little vase and ribbon they came in. Look how cute the card is too! I really love all the fun little details – so sweet!

(Isn’t it funny that Maxene and Teresa both used similar colors? LOVE it!)

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