Stamps and sponges

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I’ve seen some pictures of other Demonstrator’s craft rooms and some of them have TONS of stamps so I thought it would be fun to show how SMALL my collection is 🙂 My husband would probably argue that it isn’t really that small but compared to what I’ve seen on other demo’s sites, it’s small. These shelves in my craft room are about 5ft long and about 13″ between each shelf. You can see that there’s about 12″ of other “non-stamps” stuff on the left of each shelf too. To keep my collection from getting out of hand, I limit the number of stamps I own to what will fit on these two shelves. I only keep current stamp stamps and sell off others as soon as they are retired by Stampin’ Up!.

I’m afraid I’m not quite so discliplined when it comes to sponges, however…

I don’t really know how it got so out of control but I have a drawer that is stuffed full of these little suckers 🙂


  1. Wow thats way too many sponges to waste. I would wash them and then try what I do…I have two of the SU stamp and supply boxes with the dividers(I’m not sure if they sell these any more but you may have Alphabet sets in some)for each color group. In each divided section I have my re-inker,a dauber and sponge. A fellow demo shared with me her idea to mark the sponge by puching out cardstock of the same ink color useing the Round Tab punch, write the color on the tab and then Staple it to the sponge. My club members Love it because nobody uses the wrong sponge that may cause the person following them to ruin the card they are making. I hope this idea helps you. Email me if you want to see a pic of this idea. I love your stuff keep up the great work

  2. Hi,

    I love your cards.
    Having viewed your small stamp supply, I need to ask if you regret having gotten rid of any particular stamp set?

    And your stamp supply is not large at all. Tell your husband to think of guys whose garage and basement are full of every craftsman tool sold by Sears. And other guys have a work table with basic tools, easily accessable. You are like the latter guys.

  3. Wow, you are disciplined Brenda! I haven’t seen your stamp room in a long time. You are VERY disciplined! (Except for the sponges) lol!

  4. Impressive that your stamps aren’t totally out of control seeing that you always have what I need.
    Thanks for the help with my “Camp” project. The girls loved the CD folder “Friendship Albums” and they were a fun addition to our week.

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