Pictures of Muni

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Muni is our cat that we found at a local golf course when she was about 6 weeks old (she’s named after the course – San Jose Municipal :-). She’s a couple of years old now and loves to find funny places to settle in.

There’s no way this is comfortable but she’s laying on a bunch of memo cubes.
This is behind the computer monitor on my desk. I put a flannel sheet down so she’s not laying directly on all the cords 🙂

We played Yahtzee over the holidays and she took over the empty box 🙂

Napping behind my Big Shot

I had just pulled out the box of photos and she saw her chance for a nice and clean and empty spot to lay in.


  1. Muni is adorable… such a pretty coat and eyes!! Smiles… 🙂

  2. OMGosh, I used to have a cat named Kitty that looked just like Muni!

    Such a pretty black cat. I’m so glad I visited your blog… this brings back some good memories.

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