Convention 2008 photos

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I’m back from the Stampin’ Up! convention in Salt Lake City, Utah – I’m sooooo tired but determined to post some pictures. Here’s a picture of me (on the right) and my roommate, Marcia (on the left) with the CEO and co-founder of Stampin’ Up!, Shelli Gardner. She sits for hours so hundreds (maybe even thousands) of demonstrators can meet her and get their photo taken. We stood in line for amost 2 hours and as we got closer, I kept telling myself, I’m not going to hug her (everyone hugs her and I thought I’d give her a break 🙂 and I’m not going to cry. So what is the first thing I said when I got up there? “Can I give you a hug?” And guess what the next thing I did – yes, I started to cry. I was able to keep the tears from actually spilling over (hadn’t taken the photo yet!) but it’s amazing how emotional it was to be that close to her. Demonstrators that have heard her speak can tell you that she truly speaks from her heart, she cries often and you really do feel as if you know her. I even had her sign my convention bag – I’m such a geek 🙂

Here we are at dinner the first night. Keep in mind that I had no sleep the night before and had just awoke from a 3 hour nap 🙂 Linda Hurley in on the left and my 2nd level downline, Gina Anderson, is on my right.

Erika (my upline) and I both earned an award for achieving $20K in sales.

Me and my roommate Marcia 🙂 Marcia is wearing these fuzzy dilly-boppers that our upline gives us to wear as a group. We are able to spot each other from a distance (remember there are over 5000 demonstrators here 🙂 and keep together.

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