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I usually only post stamping related items but couldn’t resist these pictures I took tonight of Muni (our adopted cat that was found as a kitten in the engine of a car at San Jose Muni Golf Course – where she got her name :-).
She climbed into this box of memo cubes (who knows why) and began “batting” at poor Maggie (our rescue dog, best guess is she’s part poodle/part terrier). She really is mean to Maggie and likes to seek her out when she’s not bothering anybody and get her all riled up. Kinda reminds me of the Roadrunner and Coyote – I’m sure you can guess who’s who 🙂

To Maggie’s relief, she settles down (couldn’t have been comfortable on all the memo cubes) and they both relax for a bit 🙂

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